Profound's Mosaic Pants in cream-colored cotton canvas fabric with colorful patchwork designs, featuring yellow diamonds, floral patterns, and a vase, reminiscent of Indo-Aryan patterns. These Mosaic Pants effortlessly combine tradition and modern style.
Person wearing a colorful patchwork jacket and **Profound Mosaic Pants** with floral and geometric designs reminiscent of Indo-Aryan patterns, standing on a concrete floor. White sneakers are partially visible.
A person stands against a green and grey wall, wearing a cream-colored outfit with various colorful floral and geometric patch designs. The vibrant Mosaic Pants from Profound, made from cotton canvas fabric, feature intricate traditional Indo-Aryan patterns. Only the lower half of the person's body is visible.
A person wearing cream-colored Profound Mosaic Pants with colorful rectangular embroidered patches of a floral design, reminiscent of traditional Indo-Aryan patterns, stands beside a vehicle tire.
A close-up of cream-colored Mosaic Pants by Profound featuring a button closure and two printed designs: yellow geometric shapes on one side and a green-bordered image of a horse on the other, all showcased on durable cotton canvas fabric.
Mosaic Pants by Profound, with various colorful designs and patches reminiscent of Indo-Aryan patterns, laid flat on a wooden herringbone-patterned floor.
Close-up of a person wearing Profound Mosaic Pants crafted from breathable cotton canvas, featuring traditional Indo-Aryan patterns near the bottom and black shoes, standing on a dark brown, bark-covered ground.
A person standing against a brick wall, wearing a shirt and matching Mosaic Pants by Profound, featuring traditional Indo-Aryan patterns, with one arm resting on the wall.

Mosaic Pants

in cream

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Our Mosaic Pants are inspired by traditional Indo-Aryan patterns commonly found on tapestries, rugs, and murals. These patterns often depict the presence and beauty of life and nature. The garment features a breathable yet durable cotton canvas fabric and light distressing.


Size: 30

Garment Details

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Weight: Mid-Weight
Hardware: YKK Zipper

Sizing & Fit

These pants fit true to size with a straight leg fit with mosaic details. Designed to feel and look perfectly worn in.

Collection Story

"Further Away"

The world of FOUND is a continual exploration through a rich tapestry of culture, discovered textiles, and global identity, celebrating the role of clothing as a means of communication and preserving memories.

In its most recent installment, FOUND's Spring/Summer 2024 Ready-To-Wear Collection titled "Further Away" is a reflection of life away from the places we once called home. 

Each item in the collection embodies aspects of exploration and identity, beginning with carefully sourced fabrics gathered endearingly through our travels abroad across the Eastern world. These textiles, steeped in a sense of home and familiarity, portray uniquely found cultural patterns with muted florals and rich paisleys. The collection then extends to themes of recreation and vintage sportswear, exploring classic team jacket elements and patchwork that serve as symbols cherished by countless immigrants in the West as emblems of camaraderie and belonging.

The collection showcases and enriches our celebrated knitwear category with new arrivals such as double-breasted and multi-pocket cardigans, knit henleys, and the introduction of argyle patterns. Furthermore, the "Further Away" collection extends the bottoms range by introducing novel silhouettes in denim, workwear, and chore styles. Within this category, the collection is harmonized with new cargo pant designs, relaxed-fit jeans, and timeless pleated trousers. Hoodies and tees have undergone pigment dyeing, resulting in a gradual evolution of color and a unique patina over time, imbuing each piece with character and individuality. Rooted in contrasts and parallels, FOUND Spring/ Summer 2024 thrives on the artful balance of transition.

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