FOUND is built on the sentiment of a family of first-generation Americans, as they delicately interweave their South Asian heritage and rural American upbringing, crafting a homage to the shared textures and beauty of both origins.

Emerging from a cultural backdrop infused with the vibrancy of rich textiles and motifs, delicate embroideries, and the ingenuity of bare-handed artisans in their homeland of Pakistan, the founders' design ethos took root.

Their journey then led them to an upbringing in Central New Jersey, where the expanse of nature through vast open fields, farmers and flea markets, equestrian scenes, and lush greenery became the canvas upon which their design sentiment evolved. This dual tapestry of fast and slow living wove together to form the bedrock of their creative philosophy.

Each piece within their ready-to-wear collections fuses a narrative that harmonizes American assimilation with Foreign heritage, while FOUND pioneers a trail for a new language, one where novelty still feels familiar against all that's come before. Their garments, crafted with care and ethical mindfulness, nurturing sustainability and paying homage to time-honored craftsmanship.

Est. 2023.