FOUND operates on a core value of promoting human dignity and equality in all that it does. The company acknowledges that individuals with disabilities face systemic and specific barriers in both digital spaces and the built environment. As such, the company is committed to ensuring that its services and content are accessible to people with disabilities. aims to take into account the experiences of those with disabilities as the company makes its services available to the public. Specifically, is working to adhere to the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. FOUND has created internal deadlines and processes to meet this commitment in a timely manner. In addition, FOUND will ensure compliance with accessibility standards by regularly reviewing its website and digital communication practices.


FOUND is upholding its commitment by ensuring that its website and all content within it are as accessible as possible. Although FOUND™ is working tirelessly to make all pages and content on fully accessible, the work is ongoing. If any content is not completely accessible, this is due to not yet having identified the most appropriate technological solution. is committed to working earnestly and efficiently to resolve these issues proactively and as they arise.


FOUND is open to consulting with people with disabilities when possible to understand their specific communication and user needs. If you are facing barriers to any content on, or require assistance with any part of the site, please contact FOUND during regular business hours Monday-Friday from 8AM-4PM EST as detailed below and we will be happy to assist. 

If you wish to report an accessibility issue, have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at

Updated: September 2023