At the heart of the FOUND manufacturing ethos is a commitment to crafting garments with care and ethical consideration; ones that endure, reflecting our belief that the most sustainable lifestyle is one that embraces mindful consumption.

FOUND's dedication extends beyond its factory doors, collaborating with a diverse array of artisans and craftsmen, many from our homeland of Pakistan, known to have some of the worlds best leathers. Spotlighting rich and time-honored talents through meticulously crafted and mindful clothing pieces, every aspect of our production process is thoughtfully examined, with minimal waste generated. Fabric offcuts and discarded materials find new life as linings, stuffing, hangtags, and packaging, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.
FOUND cultivates close ties with its factory workforce, where every stitch is cherished, and each stage of the process is held in high regard. These bonds are forged regularly, underscoring our genuine appreciation for the dedicated artisans responsible for meticulously crafting our garments.
In our youth, the close observation of our grandmothers and aunts elegantly dressed in traditional garments adorned with intricate custom embroideries, featuring delicate florals and paisleys, and a diverse selection of fabrics, each boasting its own distinct sheen and texture, ignited our curiosity to further explore our homeland's rich history in manufacturing, a heritage that continues to influence various aspects of our collections.