FOUND, Short Film. 2023.

A poignant film set against the backdrop of East Pakistan, tracing the journey of a young boy as he navigates the surroundings of his homeland. Through intimate Super-8 footage in the village of our birth, we offer a glimpse into the places our families devoted their lives to building - From starting the first school in an area without formal education, to overseeing farm animals and agricultural fields, all in an effort to plant seeds of hope.

At its core, the film captures childhood nostalgia and the search to find something more in a place that can often feel so restricting.

In the boys gradual immersion into the world of the arts, he closely observes the skilled hands of craftsmen lining the streets and adorning his hometown. Their work went beyond a way to express their artistic talents; it was a vital means of survival. Cobblers transformed leftover pieces of rubber into shoes, while seamstresses employed traditional embroidery techniques to create quilts for insulating horses during the colder months. Creativity served not only as a means to express themselves but also as an essential skill for living, allowing them to craft and utilize whatever limited resources were available.

Surrounded by limiting walls, he comes to see that the world is far larger than he had imagined. Learning that channeling his efforts into creative endeavors will build ways for his work to outlive him - an ethos interwoven into the heart of the FOUND brand.

These local concepts of ingenuity are ingrained within us and have strongly influenced our approach to design. Allowing us to craft garments with a conscious awareness of finite resources, ensuring each piece is brought into the world with intention and mindfulness.

Our capacity for creation extends beyond mere necessity and becomes a form of self-expression, a privilege that is deeply appreciated.

(Recorded in May 2023, All footage displayed in the film was captured entirely by the FOUND team)