A pair of Profound black cotton Sample 9 (Western Cargo Jeans), size 32, on a beige background.

Sample 9 (Western Cargo Jeans)

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Style: Western Cargo Jeans

Note: This product is a 1 of 1 sample used for pre-production and as a design reference. Some natural ware may be visible. Samples are non-returnable and are final sale.

100% Cotton


This sample is a size 32.

Waist - 32"
Hem - 10"
Inseam - 32"

Size: 32

Garment Details

Fabric: 100% Cotton
Weight: Light

Sizing & Fit

This sample is a size 32.

Waist - 32"
Hem - 10"
Inseam - 32"

Collection Story

"Two Sides of the Same Coin"

Weaving together an intricate tapestry of historical and modern reference points, The “Two Sides of the Same Coin” Collection results in a masterful exploration of the winding web of time, heritage, and cultural identity. A true testament to the enduring value of tradition in a world that is constantly in flux.

At the heart of the collections sentiment is the belief that time is the most precious commodity we have. The result is a range that embodies a marriage of two worlds - the old and the new, the foreign and the familiar, the traditional and the modern. Despite their differences, these worlds are ultimately two sides of the same coin, each contributing to the rich medley of the human experience.

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